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REPORTS | 【I’ll Follow the Sun】當代藝術聯展



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plzzzz 藝廊即將於 2022 年 9 月 25 日( 日 )起在台北微風南山艾妥列三樓,帶來聚焦於社會符號與自我價值的當代藝術聯展《 I’ll Follow the Sun 》,本展號召韓國、日本、法國、印尼、台灣等七位指標性當代藝術家,更展出國際級刺青藝術家林立杰 Josh Lin 與 GQ 聯名合作之藝術商品,由 plzzzz 藝廊獨家實體限量預售。



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REPORTS |奈及利亞時尚藝術新銳 Samson Bakare首次在台個展!「Life’s a Short Trip」展出10幅巨型作品



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plzzzz 藝廊將於2022年9月4日至9月22日在台北微風南山艾妥列3樓,帶來奈及利亞時尚藝術新銳 Samson Bakare 首次在台個展《 Life’s a Short Trip 》,Samson 在 Gucci 竹節包誕生75週年之際,將經典包款重新詮釋創作,成為全球少數合作的藝術家之一。展場中除了展示多幅超過 1 公尺的巨型畫作之外, Samson 更為了台灣藏家重新繪製五幅作品,由 plzzzz 藝廊獨家販售。 



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REPORTS | plzzzz藝廊「All My Loving」全新夏日潮流聯展!歐美韓6位當代藝術家翻轉潮藝空間



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plzzzz 藝廊將於 2022年7月11日至9月1日起在台北微風南山艾妥列三樓,推出全新夏日潮流聯展《 All My Loving 》,號招來自英國、美國、法國、瑞典、韓國等六位當代藝術家,除首次在台展出大型原創畫作、雕塑,更與 plzzzz 獨家聯名推出限量周邊品,首掀今夏藍色風浪,再開潮流話題。



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Of course, like real towers, it would contain thousands of people! - Israelis artist Thales has always lived in the city and has always been surrounded by towers. Because of that, these ginormous buildings always fascinate him. Imagine: while these towers carry a few thousand people, it also carries all of their thoughts at the same time, resembling how our brains carries thousands of thoughts and ideas at every second.


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Combining old-school cartoons, pop-icons, and skateboarding culture, Thales developed his iconic Tower series. With these colorful, derpy, and cute looking icons, he wishes to spread happiness to people around him, and put a smile to their everyday life. 


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Each Year, Pantone, the arbiter of color, chooses color of the year taking in account various aspects such as the trend in society and economics. The colors would represent the shared consciousness of our society, and more over, the hopes and prospective for the up coming year. If you are thinking about beginning to collect artworks or art toys but are drowned in all the choices you have, use the color of the year to help you decide!


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