Each Year, Pantone, the arbiter of color, chooses color of the year taking in account various aspects such as the trend in society and economics. The colors would represent the shared consciousness of our society, and more over, the hopes and prospective for the up coming year. If you are thinking about beginning to collect artworks or art toys but are drowned in all the choices you have, use the color of the year to help you decide!


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Of course, like real towers, it would contain thousands of people! - Israelis artist Thales has always lived in the city and has always been surrounded by towers. Because of that, these ginormous buildings always fascinate him. Imagine: while these towers carry a few thousand people, it also carries all of their thoughts at the same time, resembling how our brains carries thousands of thoughts and ideas at every second.


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Combining old-school cartoons, pop-icons, and skateboarding culture, Thales developed his iconic Tower series. With these colorful, derpy, and cute looking icons, he wishes to spread happiness to people around him, and put a smile to their everyday life. 


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