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Based in America

Colin Roberts is a Los Angeles based artist whose work consists of sculpture, drawings and installations that explore the human condition. The work is a careful balance of pop culture and surrealism that explores iconic imagery and objects from our daily lives and obscures them in fantastical ways. Kaleidoscopic Pillows, Tiny Men On Tits, and Chewing Gum Sculptures are some of Roberts’ wild creations. Pushing the boundaries of craft combines with imagery from a vast array of influences to lead the viewer to question their thoughts on various subjects. Through this, the works have the ability to cross significant cultural, social and psychic boundaries. Colin’s work is in contemporary collections, galleries and museums world wide. 



Colin Roberts

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L I T T L E    G H O S T  



From the pixie glass series, the little ghost creates a whole different artistic scene under the reflection of natural light.




C L E A R   M I R R O R    G L A S S 



Portraying soft & fluffy material with hard glass is another of Colin's usual techniques.  





T I N Y   M A N   O N   T I T S



Just little dudes chilling on breasts doing different things. 



2018|SF. SF. SF.

Seoul, South Korea



Busan, South Korea