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Emilio Garcia


Emilio Garcia was born in the winter of 1981 near Barcelona, Spain. He has a long career trajectory as freelance art director and visual artist. Since 1999 he has worked with such well-known international companies like Berlitz Kids, Hitachi, Diesel, Inditex, Metro, Vans or The North Face among others specializing in motion graphics and multimedia content. His work is published in Taschen Favourite Websites and Web Design Index Books.
Emilio, concerned with the digitalization of our society, saw his culture moving slowly away from the tangible. As reaction to this, he left his multimedia career and embraced the tactile. Drawn to the fascination of plastic, he started a new stage with the Secret Lapo Laboratories, a space for plastic experimentation, where he can give capacity to his artistic restlessness, far away from bits, clicks, databases and scripts. Out of this desire to make form with his own hands, the Jumping Brain viral was born. As his first independent project, the Jumping Brain has become an overnight sensation.

Forbidden Brain

Resins, acrylic and bronze. 9.5 x 9.5 x 10cm.

Jumping Brain

This simple idea with its clean, detailed design and a sense of whimsy has positioned him in the top tier of most select collectors. Completely manufactured by himself at the Secret Lapo Laboratories, the Jumping Brain has exceeded Emilio's wildest expectations, receiving mass worldwide coverage in several media, including press and TV, and overflowing production previsions.

Exclusive Brainade

Painted cast resin. 8.3 × 5.7 × 5.7 cm.

Exhibition Record

2020 | Urvanity Art Fair 2020 | 3 Punts Gallery booth, Madrid, Spain


2020 | Art Central Hong Kong 2020 | ArtConvex booth, Hong Kong


2019 | KunstRAI Amsterdam Art Fair 2019 | 3 Punts Gallery booth, Netherlands


2018 | ALL the RAGE Urban Art Exhibition Dopeness Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


2018 | Art Fair Tokyo JPS Gallery booth, Tokyo, Japan


2017 | "Brain Being" solo exhibition | JPS Gallery, Hong Kong


2015 | Exclusive Brainade Release Party | FlabsLab, Singapore


2015 | Dutch Comic Con | Outland Store&Gallery, Ütrech, The Netherlands


2013 | Emilio Garcia & Tokyoplastic Show | Toy Art Gallery, L.A., USA


2013 | At home I'm a tourist - Selim Varol Collection | CAC Málaga, Spain


2013 | Copenhagen Art Fair | Black Square Gallery booth, Miami, USA


2013 | "The Series" by H&G Pop Up ShowOpenhouse Gallery, New York, USA


2012 | Emilio Garcia's OTIVM Solo Show | Artoyz Gallery, Paris, France


2011 | Brain Evolution Show Toy Art Gallery, L.A., USA


2009 | Urban Angel Gallery Summer Group Showp | London, UK

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