Based in Japan

Born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. After working as a graphic designer, Emu started working as an artist in 2016. Upcycling the wood chips that should be thrown away from the shipyard of his parents' house. An artist who creates unique works of art that are particular about form. he is exhibiting at home and abroad using his own methods such as sculpture and painting.









S K A T E R  G I R L



The artist EMU is known for creating these curvy, adorable, and smooth figures. Their emotions are depicted with vibrant or soothing background colors, and custom shaped canvases that they are often paired with. 




B R E A K 



From EMU's solo exhibition "LIFE", these little guys are enjoying a nice coffee break together. 





 N. D. P. P 



A collaboration with BRIDGE SHIP HOUSE, introducing plants and pots that would not die in all kinds of shape and size. A lot of the plants and pots are interchangeable, adding a bit more fun to the figure!