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Frequently Asked Questions

About account and password

Q1. Do I need to register as a member before shopping?

Yes, you need to register as a p/zzzz member before you start shopping.

After registering as a member, you will be able to enjoy the following services: 

1) Viewing order records

2) Your shipping information saved and filled automatically to speed up checkout

3) Exclusive chatroom with customer service

4) Shopping credits


Q2. How do I register for a membership?

Please click the 【  】 icon on the upper right corner of the website, and click the [Sign up] button. Fill in the information and send out the form after confirmation. The registration will be completed after you receive the registration success notification letter.


Q3. What if I forgot my password?

Please click [Forgot your password?] on the member login page, fill in your account email address, and a password reset request notification will be send to that address. Click [Change Password] in the notification email to setup a new password. You will then be able to log in again with your new password.


Q4. What if I forgot my account name? 

We regret to inform you that you cannot retrieve your account. If you lose or forget your account, you need to re-register. Member rights or credits earned will not be transferred to the new account.


About shopping

Q1. Are all the products in stock?

If "sold out" is marked on the product page of the website, it means that the item is out if stock.


Q2. What is the source of your products?

The commodities come from the genuine authorization of the artist or his agency.

Q3. How do I cancel or modify orders?

After the order is confirmed and the payment is completed, the order cannot be modified or cancelled.


Q4. How do I check on an order? 

Once the order is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming the products you have ordered. You can also check your order logging in to your member account.


Q5. Can the products be returned or exchanged? 

Once the order on this website is confirmed, it is deemed that both parties agree, and no return or exchange service will be provided. If the product that arrives is befouled, has fault or is damaged with non-artificial reasons, please contact customer service after reading through our return policy, our staff will assist you in handling the subsequent return process.


About payment

Q1. In which currency will I be charged with?

The currency can be switched to USD, RMB, Euro, Japanese Yen or Hong Kong Dollar according to your preference. However, please note that we will use [New Taiwan Dollar] as the final settlement currency. Regarding exchange rate calculation methods and other additional handling charges at checkout, please consult the local bank that issued your credit card.


Q2. How do I pay for my order?

Currently, only online payment by credit card is accepted. We accept VISA, Mastercard and JCB.


About Delivery


Q1. How are shipping costs calculated?

All product prices do not include freight. The shipping cost will be borne by the customer. The specific shipping cost will be calculated by the shipping company according to the country and location of the order content.


Q2. How long does the product ship after order?

Once the order is confirmed and your payment is received, we will ship the goods you purchased within 2-4 weeks.


In addition, the delivery time may be delayed due to the following conditions or other force majeure factors.


1) Holidays

2) In the case of poor delivery conditions such as poor weather conditions and traffic road interruptions, the delivery time may be delayed;

3) The delivery times of outlying islands and overseas locations might be delayed due to weather conditions, aircraft and boat schedules. Please forgive us if such delays occur.


In case of special circumstances, announcements will be made on the website.


Q3. Do I need to pay tax/customs on my order?

The prices of goods displayed on our website include only local taxes in Taiwan.


If you are located outside of Taiwan, you may need to pay other customs duties and fees after receiving the goods. Please note that customs fees and/or import duties are determined by the destination customs, and customs duties may be levied when the package arrives in the destination country/region. These fees and taxes will be paid by the recipient. For more detailed information about this issue, please contact your local customs.


About Invoice


Q1. Can multiple invoices be issued for the same order?

If you need to issue separate invoices, it is recommended that you place the orders separately. The invoice is automatically generated, and one order corresponds to one invoice, so it is not possible to issue multiple invoices. Please forgive us for any inconvenience.

Q2. Can the invoice specify the date, amount and product name of the invoice?

The invoice is automatically issued, therefore, the invoice date, amount and product name cannot be specified. We apologize for any inconvenience.