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Marco Oggian


Marco Oggian was expelled from university in 2010 and following his expulsion, He spent ten years working on over 150 different projects with 300 or more drafts. During this time, he has lived and worked in Milan, Berlin, Los Angeles, several South American countries and finally here in my beloved A Coruña, in the North of Spain.
His creative style is a bit explosive. It’s like a vacuum cleaner that sucks in ideas and inspiration from all around him. Then one day it gets full and suddenly the vacuum bag bursts and there is dust and debris everywhere. Eventually the dust settles, and with a lot of patience, He tidy everything up and organises it into a new creation.

One hundred stories, one face


The idea behind ‘100’ was to represent one hundred iconic people whilst still maintaining the same base, the same eyes and the same mouth, treating the elements with simple geometric figures, making them recognisable only through the details and the color which render them unique.
The project allows us to understand how our experience, age and education directs us to recognise one figure over another and above all, it forces us to realise how the small details make everyone unique but in reality, we are all the same too.

Samsung Galaxy Campaign

Samsung invited me along with other incredible artists, to make three wallpapers per month during the last 6 months of 2019 for their campaign of the Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus and Galaxy Note10 / 10 Plus models.
Together with the guys from We Are Social and Pocko we have chosen three important recurring themes to be illustrated on dedicated devices, month by month. The characteristic of the Galaxy models is undoubtedly the front camera integrated in the screen and the challenge was to make each illustration trying to interact with the "hole".


All too often we hide behind social masks because we are afraid of what people think of us. Don't let people change who you really are. BE YOU!
This 25 limited edition 40x50cm poster is a tribute to acceptance and understanding.

Exhibition Record

2020 | Dreams and Nightmares | Pocko Gallery, London, UK


2020 | My Monsters | Miscelanea Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


2020 | 50 anni del Liceo Artistico A. Frattini |  Musei Civici Villa Mirabello, Varese, Italy


2019 | P.I.R.L.A. | Fiti Gallery, Milano, Italy


2019 | MI FAI Festival Circolo Magnolia, Milano, Italy


2019 | Sounds of Wave Group Show | Park Hotel Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


2019 | New Works Group Show | Hensteethstore, Dublin, Ireland


2018 | One hundred stories, one face Solo Show Pocko Gallery, London, UK


2018 | The AOI Awards Somerset House, London, UK


2017 | Marco Oggian x La Fresk  | La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France

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