Member Rules


1. When applying for membership through this website, you need to understand the relevant instructions of the membership rules in advance, and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy of this website.


2. Once the information filled in during member registration is confirmed, it cannot be changed.


3. Membership is for personal use only and cannot be transferred or lent to others in any way.


4. Registered members of this website can enjoy the rights and benefits of exclusive store credits. The specific events and ways of using the credits will be based on the announcements on the website.


5. One member profile can only correspond to one account. It is non-transferable, and multiple applications are not accepted.


6. It will be your responsibility to remember your account name and password. Keep in mind that if your account name is forgotten or lost, the website will not be able to recover it for you.


7. Please log in every time you shop so that you would be entitled to the rights of membership. If you do not log in as a member while making your purchase, you will not be able to access any member services. We will not reissue or replenish membership rights.


8. If your account is hacked, membership rights will not be replenished or compensated. Please safeguard your log-in information, since we will not return any lost shopping credits.


9. Once shopping credits are deducted, no changes or cancellations may be requested.


10. All shopping credits or discounts must be used before they expire.


11. If a member remakes/counterfeits a membership, obtains shopping credits through dishonest means, or violates any member rules, p/zzzz may immediately stop or cancel all rights of the member. The website reserves the right of legal action if necessary.


12. This website will not be responsible for the loss of p/zzzz memberships or shopping credits caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors.


13. This website reserves the right to amend, suspend, or terminate membership measures at any time; if there is any change or cancellation of membership rights, the latest announcement on the website shall prevail.


14. Unless otherwise specified, membership privileges cannot be combined with other discounts on this website.

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