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【 View Point Market Trend 】

PANTONE Announces Color of The Year 2021! Get Colorful With These 10 Trendy Items.

Each Year, Pantone, the arbiter of color, chooses color of the year taking in account various aspects such as the trend in society and economics. The colors would represent the shared consciousness of our society, and more over, the hopes and prospective for the up coming year. This year, for 2021, Pantone picked 「PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray 」 and 「PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating 」. As the representing colors for the year after the harsh 2020,   while these colors carry completely different meanings and stories, they are equally heart-warming;「 Illuminating 」shine warmly like the bright, lively, and energetic sun. 「 Ultimate Gray 」on the other hand, is the stones on the beach, representing the stability, reliability, and the durability of the earth element. Just as the Executive Direct of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman said, "this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted, this is essential to the human spirit."




While the color of the year poses great positive influence on people's  thoughts and mentality, it also has a strong influence on fashion and art. Actually, a lot of artists had already created toys and artworks using these two colors. Surprisingly, most products also represents the core values of the colors they adopted, showing playful, soothing, and lively qualities. If you are thinking about beginning to collect artworks or art toys but are drowned in all the choices you have, use the color of the year to help you decide! We organized a list of 10 items that either carries 「 Illuminating 」or 「 The Ultimate Grey 」in them. Hoping that whichever one you choose would bring you serenity and joy (or both).

The UK based artist Will Blood interprets this iconic figure with a touch of humor. The Legoman shows a fresh and evil-cute persona. This Prints comes in yellow, blue, gold, each giving-off different feels but this yellow definitely shows joy, playfulness, and warmth.

Big Bird went full out showing off its bright yellow colors. You won't be able to neglect its existence, and the joy it's spreading. This piece is the blown up version of Mighty Jaxx's famous XXRAY mini blind box. The re-adjusted 25.4 cm size shows every little skeletal and muscular details. If you like Sesame Street and Big Bird, don't miss out!

Bert, also from Sesame Street, has been X-rayed as well. Guess the dissectible trend of the art-toy world will never fade! Even with the nice green suit, Bert could not hide is joy-radiating yellow body. This one is also the blown up version of the Mighty Jaxx XXray mini blind box series. If you don't wanna separate him from his best buddy Bernie, you can also find him here on p/zzzz!

The grey bugs bunny is the few items that carries the opposite meaning of its corresponding Pantone color. Rather than 「 Ultimate Grey 」, he radiates the playful, curious, bright quality of the 「 illuminating 」. Just like how he never play by the rules, he also would not abide to the color he represents.

Freedom never comes without cost; you have to fight for it. - the Statue of Liberty would know the best about it! This grey prints of the liberty assembles the blossoming riots around the world during 2019 and 2020. This is an epitome of those social events, and a memoire of the people who fights for freedom and democracy. 

This sculpture reminds people of Medusa from the greek mythology. However, her famous snake hair was replaced by various mechanical parts, representing how technology has already been taking over our senses, and our way of thinking. The stony grey whispers how human has been turned into stones by the medusa like technology. 

This sculpture belongs to RX's Pop-Paradox series. By X-raying Marge's iconic Marie Antoinette hairstyle, We can take a sneak peak into her brain - her three babies, covered in warm yellow, is a interesting portrayal of "brain child". 

Dead Flower is one of the signature pieces of Mikko Heino, it shows a white and blue flower that's actually a bullet hole on the blue wall, with papers peeling outwards showing the impact of the shot, accidentally resembling the shape of a flower. This one comes with artist signature and numbering. 

You definitely tried one of these before- the colorful chewy gummies brought to you by this joyful yellow Haribo Bear. In this Danny Rumbl print the bear almost resemble an actual gummy bear with its smooth and shinny texture. This comes with artist signature. 

People who grow up playing Tamagotchi will understand the reference in Federico Clapis's Mamaegotchi. Breaking through the screen, the baby was captured in the scene where he first meets the world; the electronic pets we nurture and grow as kids turns into sweet reality. The grey gives a sense of tranquillity to what should be an emotional, chaotic, and energetic moment. 

Mikko Heino is known for childlike but peculiar painting styles. Taken from our daily lives, the piece Trash is one of the artist's iconic pieces. With simple lines, he portrays the grey trashcan we can see every day, making daily lives interesting. 

This is a print, a lithograph, and also a "digital collection". This 40 pcs limited edition print will show you its complete form after you point an AR filter to it - a person standing in a house made of metal bars. Is it a home? or a prison? guess it's up to the viewers to decide. 

Maybe when the artist create these pieces they did not take in consideration of the color of the year, but the colors was coincidentally incorporated into their art. When you look at these pieces again through the colors and their meanings, maybe they will give you different feels and thoughts. You might never thought about picking artworks through colors, but maybe try and it will bring you another kind of experience!

Image Taken From The Internet 

Written by Paul Chen