Redmiller Blood

Indonesia|born 1981

Peter Rhian Gunawan or also known as Redmiller Blood was born

in Bandung Indonesia on October 10, 1981. After completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in visual communication design, Peter actively teaches at the Maranatha Christian University and has become a speaker in various creative seminars and workshops.


Redmiller Blood is a character born of the conflict of the human subconscious. It is a symbol of the embodiment of the existential antithesis of the human being as dignified, honourable and sane 'normal human' in society, with its ugly, crazy, depressive subconscious, and an abundance of passion that has never been shown to others.






Nice Try


Finding a new hobby, talking to our heart, healing ourselves are all good ways to keep our soul from being damaged. The bright and fresh colors of this painting try to bring the reality of self-healing to a person.


Digital Chaos


The digital world is a strange place of time and space. We can feel a long time or a moment, depending on how we feel in the world. Time is like rubber, and we are trapped in it with all our emotions and souls. We are trapped forever in this fun chaos.




Nowhere You Can Go


This work illustrates that we cannot escape the pressures of life's burdens that suppress our mentality. What we can do is try to survive and heal.




Group Exhibition


2021 | ASEDAS 2nd International Exhibition



2021 | ANI-COM Hongkong at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Hong Kong


2021 | Elefun Toy Show at Guang Zhou Nan Fung Convention and Exhibition Center



2020 | ASEDAS International Exhibition


2019 | Combination Joint Exhibition at Maranatha Christian University


2002 | Animonster Exhibition