Based in Japan

Born in 1986, Osaka Prefecture Japan. After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, Seiji started his career as a designer. After gaining experience in Tokyo, he moved to New York to start his career as an artist. In 2017, he presented “ANDY the mouse” at his first solo exhibition. His works have been exhibited in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and other cities. He has worked on art in various areas, collaborating with NIKE, UNIQLO, The New York Times, and many more projects across borders. Seiji is currently working from his studio in the foothills of Nagano.



Seiji Matsumoto

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A N D Y   A N D   C H E E S E 



Seiji depicts the world around him through adorable and simplistic characters. His experiences in New York helped him created this very common character of his. 




P E O P L E 



 A depiction of people from different backgrounds and lifestyles; diversity is a very common theme in Seiji's works. 





A N D Y   S H O P P I N G 



In 2021, At Yukiko Mizutani Gallery, Seiji had a solo show consisting a lot of pieces featuring his well-known characters including ANDY the mouse, Dogs and Ducks, and more.