Based in Rotterdam


An illustrator and artist from the Netherlands, Danny Rumbl draws inspirations from the love for cartoons and illustrations from the 1960s, and also from the nature, food and contemporary pop culture. With all of these elements tossed into the pot, he cooks up dynamic cartoon-queues and animal-like characters, which comes alive in his illustrations, murals and sculptures.

Art to Rumbl means freedom that helps express who he is. It is a language that everyone can speak. Creating art is something he feels to do anytime and anywhere, whether in public, on the street or at home.

2017|THE FOOD SHOW|Galerie Lacroix, Paris, France

2017|'FACE TO FACE' DUO EXHIBITION WITH LUNAR|Foundation MESH, Rotterdam, The Netherland


2015|HOMEBASE|Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2014|MISCELLANEOUS // THE WINTER EDITION|Walls, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013|ON PAPER|Walls, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013|CHUNKS IN GRAVY|Pictura, Dordrecht, The Netherlands



H A N N A   B A R B A R I A N



Hanna Barbarian by Danny Rumbl is an ode to the Saturday morning from our childhood consisting of watching Hanna Barbara cartoons on tv. The characters of Danny's favorite cartoons like Scooby-Doo, the Flintstones, Wacky Races and many more are powerfully spray painted on abandoned walls around Europe. A True dedication to the powerhouse created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

I J S S E L   L A N D S C H A P   B R I D G E



I like to make art that works for everybody. I always like to add nature elements into my works and especially like to make animals.

W H A T S '   O P E R A ,   D O C ?



I’m also happy with the colors in this one, I always try to find the balance if using the right amount of colors and try to bring back the different tones all over the composition.

K E L L O G S   T H R E E S O M E



I like to get my inspiration from American cartoon illustrations form the ’60’s and ’70’s, I love the simplicity and style of those characters.