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When Heads Turns Into Towers, What Goes In Them? 



Of course, like real towers, it would contain thousands of people! - Israelis artist Thales has always lived in the city and has always been surrounded by towers. Because of that, these ginormous buildings always fascinate him. Imagine: while these towers carry a few thousand people, it also carries all of their thoughts at the same time, resembling how our brains carries thousands of thoughts and ideas at every second. 

Maybe you are not a born-and-raise city boy like Thales, but these towers might still be one of your most familiar buildings, no matter if it’s going to work or going home on weekdays or strolling in the shopping malls on weekends… these towers are definitely places where we feel relaxed and safe (ok maybe not the workplaces :P). Beyond that, Thales uses nostalgic popular characters to enhance the familiarity to his works. 

This familiarity also comes from Thales’s old-school cartoon and comic like style; bright and vibrant colors along with humorous themes makes his works chill and lovable. 


The loveliness probably stems from the artist himself; when the pandemic soothed a bit in Israel, he called for a few artists and started an artistic campaign called “Take A Piece”; putting up tear-up posters throughout their cities, spreading joy through art in their neighborhoods. 


This time, in collaboration with p/zzzz, Thales breaks out of his usual creation on flat surfaces and bring TowerBob to life; the palm-sized (if you have a big hand) figure fits perfectly everywhere, and its bright colors can always bring you a good mood anytime.