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White Day Is Approaching! Show Your Love With These Designer Toys!

If it's up to me, a white day gift is so much harder to choose than a valentines day gift ; except for the timing, content, and packaging of  gift, which are already a nuisance, you must not disappoint the person who pours their heart into what they gifted you on the valentines day. Now, as the white day approaches,  are you starting to panic over what to gift to your partner? 


Don't. We have some perfect gifts that are surprising, humorous, loving, and valuable that might be amusing to the receiver.



These designer toys are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also filled with all kinds of messages, personalities, and styles that just might suit your other half. They would make good companions, entertainment, and decor. 


If your partner happens to like art, or is a Peter-pan that never grows out of their childhood, these gifts would be even more cut out for them ! We have chosen a list of figures based on the different personality a person might have. Of course, you know best about your partner, so start choosing accordingly !


Can your partner never resist cute little stuffs like a kitty? Honestly though, even if a person is not a huge fan of cuteness, he/she might not escape the heart-meowlting cuteness of this lazy, chubby, marshmellowy cat that melts on top of a sugar-cone. Even better, it comes with two classic flavors, come find out if the flavors suits your taste!


If you are a person that's too shy to say " I love you", this one will say it for you. Named "Power of Love", this figure screams the three words from its name to its appearances; maybe with the aid of this affectionate figure, you would be able to say to your partner, on this special day, that they are the love of your life.  

Maybe you don't need candle lights to have a romantic night with your partner, instead, try this glowing joyous puppy! When you have plenty of light, it is a ordinary milky doggo that's still cute to look at. However, light out, and it turns into a mood maker. Imaging seeing your partners loving face under this dim light... oof... too romantic! 

Not everyone is fond of cuteness, freaky and humorous stuff may be more appealing to some. This Kitty skateboard, while making the lovable character look creepy, would be a good gift for your thrill loving partner who also enjoys skating. 

If your partner is a hardcore designer toy collecter, or a trendy fashionista who loves NBA or Jordans, the Jackson Arttoy would definitely be their cup of tea. Look closely at Jackson's outfit, your partner and him may even share the same closet! 

Some people never hide their affection towards a hot body. They sometimes even have a theory on sexiness. For this kind of philosophical person, a gift with a bit of depth (and of course a hot body) would be perfect and stimulating for them. This red and gold tin soldier has both; behind the curves there's the artist's message of technology takin over our lives, even over how we look, but it can never take over the close knitted relationship of humankind. 

hmm... we all know what's the most important activity of this day. if you wish to have a wild and passionate date with your partner on this day, maybe try hinting them with this figure! A parody on the famous balloon dog, London based artist Whatshisname added a twist of adultness into it. If you want it (and I know most of you do), say it with this Humpek!

No matter if your partner likes cute, stylish, trendy, or wild things, there is always a figure that would fit their taste. A gift that suits their taste and personality would truly be the gift to their heart, so start choosing !

image taken from p/zzzz

Written by Paul Chen